Friday, May 7, 2010

How To Downgrade From VZ Navigator 5 back to 4.5 As Sent In An Email From VZ Navigator's Project Manager

Wow! Kudos to Verizon for actually being on the ball and paying attention!

Today I got an email from Misty Balinsat, Product Manager for VZ Navigator. Seems she saw my review, and wanted to pass on some words of encouragement, as well as instructions on how to downgrade back to 4.5 until they resolve some of the issues. First, the instructions for downgrading from VZ Navigator 5.x to 4.5:

To be safe, if you have a bunch of favorites, it's probably a good idea to use VZ Navigator's "Sync-to-Web" option.

Uninstall VZ Navigator 5:

Open Media Center > Browse & Download

Highlight VZ Navigator & select Options > Cancel Subscription. Confirm removal.

Install VZ Navigator 4.5:

Open Media Center > Browse and Download > Get new apps > Travel & Navigation

VZ Navigator will be listed twice. Select version 4.5 & choose a purchase option ($2.99/24 hr use or $9.99/monthly subscription). Confirm purchase.

These directions might be just for the LG enV3, or enV series, but the basic idea is that you have to completely cancel and uninstall 5 before you even see 4.5 as an option.

Personally, I'm back using VZ Navigator 4.5, and it's just as simple and effective as I remembered.

FYI, also according to Misty: "You also will see a $9.99 charge and then $9.99 credit on your bill, don't let it freak you out if the credit comes 4-5 days post charge. I have Revenue Assurance running these manually once a week, and hopefully the charge and credit will both happen in one bill cycle for you, but if not be sure to look for the credit in the next one."

However, I've had situations in the past where things got double charged (new phones), and a simple call to customer service fixed it no problem.

Thanks, Verizon, for going above and beyond and actually hunting down negative feedback to address.