Tuesday, July 7, 2009

72 year old beggar

Guy on the street corner was holding a sign (typical drawn on cardboard affair) that said "72 year old down on his luck. Never give up hope. Have faith."

Wow. After 72 years, he still hasn't figured out that faith is silly and that he actually needs to, you know, DO something? Just...wow. Some say religion is a crutch, but what does it become when you've already fallen, besides idiocy?


  1. Go see if you can find him again. Make a new sign for him.

    "72 year old down on his luck. Ran out of faith, need burgers instead".

    Hopefully he'll find your comment at the very least mildly entertaining and won't stab you with a plastic butter knife he stole from Wendy's.

  2. haha...
    they say faith without works is dead!
    Great weekend dear!