Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Beginning of The Allstate Saga

Crap. One of the family wrecked her car. Not bad, no injuries, but she was at fault, and now it's time to deal with the insurance company and getting a car with less than 10,000 miles on it fixed that has front end damage. On top of that, the car is in Beaumont, about 250 miles east of home. They're already refusing to deal with the driver, wanting to talk to the policy holder (me), which is rather stupid in my opinion since, hey, the car's damaged, it's their job to fix it! Why does it matter who they talk to? My name isn't even on the car itself, the loan for the car, nothing, yet because I'm the "policy holder", they just have to talk to me. Joy. Well, I've always heard good things about Allstate, so I guess it's time they proved it. Am I in good hands? AM I!?!?


  1. I actually got off the phone no more than 10 minutes ago with my car insurance company. They're all full of crap. They supposedly gave me insurance over two months ago, but have repeatedly failed to provide me proof of insurance, so I'm driving around with expired tags and no inspection because I can't prove that I'm insured.

    If I get pulled over, do you realize how screwed I am? No registration, no inspection, no proof of insurance, no nothing other than a DL.

    I hate insurance companies. Insurance is easily the biggest scam the world has ever seen.

  2. Biggest? Doubtful. Pretty damn big? Oh yeah. But what else could've possibly happened when the government mandates we all buy something from a set of private companies? Of course, if the government handed it all, we'd be communist. Welcome to America! Home of the free to pay out your ass!

  3. Take your Xanex. You are going to need it.