Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Healthcare Makes Me Sick

For about two years now, I have been among the lucky ones of us that do have health insurance. I am more mentally stable, more healthy, and probably more likely to live for a while since my blood pressure and cholesterol, killers in my family for generations, are currently under control. I also don't have stomach acid eating my insides which is, quite frankly, a horrifyingly painful experience.

None of this would be possible without insurance. There isn't enough money in the bank to pay for the bills, let alone hundreds of dollars a month for meds.

Thankfully, a new study released found that those in the ER without health insurance are twice as likely to die than those with. I say thankfully because those of us who have lived most of our lives without health insurance aren't in any way surprised. Without health insurance, you're a second rate citizen.

Healthcare should be our #1 priority. It should be paid for by the government and taxed as needed. PERIOD. Those who argue that point are not currently in need. Those who are in need would not argue that point. If he does nothing else, I really hope Obama fixes this...

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  1. Insurance should have been regulated years ago. It is way out of control.

    I was,in essance, dying from the acute pancretius and it still took almost an hour and a half to get a doc into the room. I was screaming and throwing up the entire time.

    A month later a woman went to a hospital in this area with the exact same thing. Her insurance had a deductable that she had not paid off yet and the staff told her she had to pay 5k up front. She went home because she did not have the money and she died.

    The entire system is fuked all to hell, when nurses become nurses for the money and not because they care, same with the docs, and the FDA tries to ban natural cures-- all of that makes this nation in for allot of trouble.