Monday, December 14, 2009

Lesbian For Mayor In Houston Texas?! Congratulations, Annise Parker!

Wow! Living two hours away, I didn't even know there was a lesbian running. I'm...shocked. And very, very happy.

If a lesbian woman can win the majority in the biggest city in TEXAS of all places... Well, let's just say that if someone were to have asked me to name something that would instill a bit of faith in humanity into me, I may have jokingly said something along the lines of "A lesbian mayor in Houston". However, I would've said it jokingly, thinking that wouldn't even be slightly plausible.

I'm unbelievably glad it has happened, though, and just wanted to mention it in my little corner of cyberspace. Congratulations, Annise Parker! Time for me to do some research on this person...

Here's the story.

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  1. I believe it snowed right before it happened so as John (jon?) Stewert put it --

    "I guess Hell did freeze over"