Friday, May 29, 2009


I really hate the way humans work.

It's discrimination to not hire someone because of color, regardless of demographics showing what race is better at what job. Yet it's not discrimination to leave someone without a car to get to work because they had a repo three years ago.

It's discrimination if you hire a guy instead of a girl for a physical job because women are biologically, physically less strong than men. Yet it's not discrimination to not give someone a place to live because they had a home foreclosed on.

It's discrimination to hire someone to a job because they're younger, but it's not discrimination for an insurance company to charge you more because you're younger.

See the common theme here?

It's discrimination if the company might be out money at some point, but if the consumer might be out money, or a car, or a fucking home, that's okay. Nobody really fucking cares, do they?

Yeah, this is going to be a fun day to do tech support.

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  1. It's human nature to discriminate. No amount of political correctness can draw a defined line as to where a situation would be considered discrimination or when it would be equal opportunity.

    It goes against our genetics. While our instincts aren't as fine-tuned as that of most animals, the instincts are still there. Survival of the fittest is a subconscious need for all humans.

    We'll deny those who we think might fail. Keep them out of the gene pool however possible. While you may not actively think that verbatim, it does go through your mind.

    Unfortunately, we've become so obcessed with denying our human instincts that we try to act like it's not there. We sweep it under the rug and hope that nobody will notice that while we'll hire blacks or gays or republicans, that there isn't something deep down inside of you that's thinking twice about that action.

    Because of this conflict of political correctness in an attempt to make all people equal (Fact: All people are NOT equal. Get over it.) and our genetic predisposition to fend off those who are different from us, the line is blurry. We can't come up with a 100% perfect way to separate discrimination from opportunity. Because our instincts are going to disagree with our logic.

    It sucks, but that's who we are. No, we shouldn't be that way, but we are, and there is no fixing it.

    I could sit here and play armchair psychologist all night, really, but thinking about the way humans operate always sends me spiraling into depression.