Thursday, May 21, 2009

So irritated and depressed...

I had gotten my head all ready to go back to the hellhole I call (or called) work. I've been waiting for HR to get a part time schedule for me, as per my psychiatrist, to see how I handle the stress. The person in HR basically told me she'd get back to me and has ignored me for the past week, emails and voicemails. I already have no idea how I'm going to pay bills since this 30 days that I could barely afford is rapidly turning into 60 days.

And now, not only are they expecting us to hard sell (offer, then attempt to overcome objections when they say no) customers calling in with tech support issues, regardless of if we're able to get it fixed, but apparently now it's considered a sellable call even if the customer's equipment is the issue (as in, they don't know how to turn on their TV or their PC is dead, which, sadly, happens VERY often). On top of that, we're supposed to inform them if they have a late balance as well, AND a new set of notes saying we verified their security info...all under the same metrics that no one was meeting before.

How much stress and confrontation can they stack on to one person before it's considered abuse?

Going back to delivering pizza is sounding better and better...I simply don't have the will to learn a new job right now.

It's hard trying to see the good in a situation that was ridiculous a year ago... sales and tech support will never go together, and just because they get a trickle of income out of it, somebody seems to think it's worth making the turnover rate far worse than it used to be due to sheer stress.

I have to believe that I'm not the only IT minded person in the world that has a problem being confrontational 60-70 times a day, rapid fire, with no break in between except for two 15's and an hour lunch. I'm talking, one customer hangs up, the next one is immediately on the phone. You go from one confrontation to another to another...

Maybe sales people can do it, but hell, even car salesmen don't deal with that many people a day.

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  1. WTF? I thought the scripting was as bad as it was ever going to get when they fired me there. I never expected it to ever get any worse.

    I'll bet you anything that they're doing this as a means of firing even more people, that way they can rely more heavily on their outsourced support in the Philpines. If they fire 20 $13/hour employees and hire 40 $5/hour employees, they are making more money.

    And since 95% of the people in that office don't actually give a damn about quality of service as much as they do making a damn sale at every opportunity, they're not going to go any lower as far as their service ratings go.

    [Company name here] has totally hit rock bottom. They're going down, and they're taking you and every other hard-working employee with them.

    Fuck them. Seriously. Fuck them hard.

    I'm actually trying to gather up as much information as I can about the unethical ways they're getting rid of employees and seeing what might be done about a possible class action lawsuit. Not that I want money from them (I sure could use it, though), I just want to see them get reamed with a nightstick like they did to me and a handful of other good workers there.