Monday, October 12, 2009

Sick, then sick, then sick AGAIN...

Anyone else getting sick repeatedly, or am I the only walking snot factory? Seriously, I've gotten sick three times in a, light fever with a cold. It is funny, though, that walking through a grocery store or drug store, if I cough a bit (there's a little in my chest so the cough sounds much worse than it actually is) people clear out like crazy. Might even hear a mumbling "swine flu!" in there.


  1. Actually, it probably IS swine flu. There was a weaker strain that was going around a bunch of people in the office, myself included, caught it.

  2. You have hay fever. Plus comming off the meds always messes with your body. Every time I got off Zoloft I would be sick for awhile. Including lowering my dosage.
    I can't wait for the fun ride when I detox from the Addereal. I am going to be xanexed to my eyeballs.